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Our customer relations have always been extremely cooperatively.

The personal interaction with our partners is most valuable to us. We're a bunch of creative minds who find this way of working very inspiring. Believe us: this absolutely is in your best interest.


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Our current job offers

Dominik Kriwet

Owner & CEO

“Reliable, relaxed and tending towards meticulousness – especially when handling customer requirements.”

+49 2853 604100 dk(at)

Jessica Hüssler

Head of Department
Authorized Officer

“Determined and equipped with the neccessary all-around view. Feels at home with her company familiy and is prepared to tackle any challenge.”

+49 2853 6041013 jh(at)

Janine Zimmermann

Janine Zimmermann

Dipl.-Ing. Architecture
Architect AKNW

“An architect with an incomparable attention to detail and precision. Faces any task just as creatively as competently and always stays friendly.”

+49 2853 6041015 jz(at)

Marlies Müller-Epping

Senior Project Manager

“She's friendly, demanding and persistent when taking care of our customers. With her, the journey becomes the destination.”

+49 2853 6041014 mm(at)

Ann-Kathrin Fellerhoff

Junior Project Manager

“A team player who's always in a good mood. Tirelessly, spirited and helpfully, she converts any given task into a successful project.”

+49 2853 6041012 af(at)

Karin Wilczek

Senior Project Manager

“Fulfils our customers' wishes dedicatedly and joyfully in many different languages and sees to it that everything goes as planned before and behind the curtain.”

+49 2853 6041011 kw(at)

Mark Bäumer

Senior Project Leader
State Certified Wood Technician
State Certified Sculptor (Object Design)

“Not only does he enchant our team with his charm and wit, our customers value his targeted, foresighted organisational skills.”

+49 2853 6041017 mb(at)

Björn Stork

Senior Project Leader

“Humorous with an organisational talent, always in a good mood and very charming when it comes to our success-projects.”

+49 2853 604100 bs(at)

Christian Mundner

Christian Mundner


“Master of Storage. Takes care of delivery, transport and the coordination of our material-treasury.”

+49 2853 604100 cm(at)

Andreas Pass

Andreas Pass

Pass Möbelbau GmbH

“Always available, never stressed out. A partner that defines the meaning of words such as 'loyal' and 'flexible'. His motto: everything is possible!”

+49 2853 604100 ap(at)

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